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Welcome to the K4HVK - KRAP Society Ham Radio Links, and Amateur Radio Web Site.   Click Here to find links to many Ham Radio sites, along with links to other sites of related interest.   We have links for Repeater Coordination, APRS, SSTV, Callsign Lookup, Contesting, VHF, and Amsat, along with related Ham Radio interests.   Included in the list of sites are links for Old Time Radio, Salt water Fishing, and Hurricane Hunting. We have recently added a new page of links for the Linux open source operating system.
One of the newest communications advancements we have tried is voice over IP.   With this new technology, your computer can be connected through the internet to VOIP servers all over the world.   By interfacing your repeater or even a two meter simplex rig to your computer, and the internet, you can easily link your local setup to the world.   Other operators all over the world are getting on this new mode and having a great time. Try it, you will really be surprised at what you hear.   We have added links on the Ham Radio Links page for VOIP information using iLink and Echolink.
If you haven't already tried the Linux open source operating system, click Here for our Linux Links page, you are in for a major treat.   Linux is very fast, very reliable, and is for the most part free.   Linux can run fine on just about anything, including a 386, 486, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, or whatever, if it is run from the prompt.   This type of arrangement is perfect for a low cost server, etc.   When run from the prompt, it's like having a dos machine on steroids.   Linux is able to multitask with ease, and it's easy to set up on a network.   Setting up a Samba server on Linux allows for file and printer sharing between Linux and Windows machines on a network.   Adding Apache makes for a great web server.   Add the Wu_FTP server for file uploads, and you are good to go.
However, if you don't want to operate from the prompt, and want the look and feel of a Windows workstation, Linux will need a strong machine with several gigs of hard drive space, to run a X-Windows system like KDE, Gnome, or Black Box.   You can even run Windows programs from Linux by using Wine.   If you would like, you can run multiple operating systems on the same hard drive, and dual boot the system to Linux or Windows with the Lilo or Grub boot loaders.
There is a tremendous amount of software available for Linux, and most of it is free.   There is sure to be an application already available for just about anything you could want.   From web related software, text editors, office suites, and ham radio software, you are sure to find an application someone has written, that will fit your needs.
You may want to buy Linux distribution CDs instead of downloading the free files, because some of the files are very big and take a long time to download, and the distributions include massive documentation.   Click on one of our Linux links, and check out what all the talk is about.

We believe our web site contains Links to some of the most interesting and unusual sites you will find anywhere.   Check them out and see what you think.   We are sure that you will find something here that will spark your interest.

Ham Radio Links | Linux Links | Search Links & Resources | Callsign Lookups | Web Servers
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